Choosing an Assisted Living Facility in Manhattan, New York City

OK, this is our recommendation if you are looking for senior housing alternatives in Manhattan, New York City. First and foremost, senior housing excludes nursing homes. If you are looking for a nursing home, please refer to the section on our site that discusses nursing homes

Back to senior housing.  Manhattan is a great place but it is not the place to find senior housing if you are looking for a peaceful, tree and nature laden environment for seniors. Just getting the housing alone is a daunting task.  That being said, for those who cannot live without Manhattan, what better place is there to spend this beautiful chapter of one’s life as a senior? So let’s make that happen!

You need to first be patient and read and educate  yourself on terminology and prices and alternatives.  If you want to make the best decision you will need to spend at least one hour educating yourself.  Please also be patient in going through the following 3 steps.

One quick thing I will say is that if you are not looking for senior housing per se but are looking for housing for a senior, there is a great service by the New York Foundation for Senior Citizens called Home Sharing program whereby trained professionals match up seniors with roommates in appropriate places (sometimes with young people in non-senior housing environments). I have heard great things about this program. Click here for more details

Step 1 – Understand the different types of senior housing

1. Adult Homes
2. Market Rate Housing with Services
3. Mitchell- Lama Housing
4. Public Housing
5. Section 202 Housing
6. Single Room Occupancy

(a)   Click here for definitions of: Adult Homes, Market Rate Housing with Services, Mitchell-Lama Housing, Public Housing, Section 202 Housing, Single Room Occupancy (SROs)
(b)   Click here for a definition of NORC

Step 2- Get a directory of each of these options

These 2 directories are in my opinion the best directories for the 7 housing alternatives above. They discuss each option and are categorized per zip code.

(a) Click here for a directory of: Adult Homes, Market Rate Housing with Services, Mitchell-Lama Housing, Public Housing, Section 202 Housing, Single Room Occupancy (SROs)

(b) NORC_March_2005

Step 3 – Make  the right choice/ Ask the right questions

I think that you need to balance (i) budget (ii) accommodations of the housing alternative according to the needs of the senior  (iii) location. That being said, I would make sure that when exploring these options that you first determine budget and eliminate options that are not within your budget. Then I would look at the accommodations of the housing alternative against to the needs of the senior (what good is it to find a great place if it does not offer social work and health care related services for the senior who may or may not need specialized services. Last but not least, location. Some people say location, location, location. I agree but if the senior does not have the money or if the location does not have housing alternatives that can meet the aging needs of the senior, location is not the key factor

We hope this was helpful. If you have any questions or if you know of a Manhattan, NYC senior that could benefit from our vast array of home care services, please call us at 212-614-8057 or email us at We are a full service licensed home care services agency (with the NYS Department of Health), we accept all long term care insurance as payment and have a full time staff of over 250 trained and certified home care personnel covering Manhattan.


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