Financial Assistance for home care in Manhattan, NYC

When a senior ages, health is not the only concern.  Many times money is an issue, which  can then result in general health and mental health related issues.  Moreover, in these tough economic times, seniors want to leave as much as possible to their next of kin (many of whom themselves can use financial assistance).  Having good advice as to financial options is key especially in light of the fact that the senior’s health care and home care costs can dwindle their remaining assets.   Here in Manhattan, we have many options!

I. Educate yourself at a live seminar (for free!)

Before making any changes, you need to education yourself. I feel that the Manhattan chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association is the best free resource for legal and financial education.  Please call them or click this link to find out about their monthly seminars where they have experts on this issue. I believe that you or the senior you are inquiring about does not need to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in order to go to these seminars (please please do inquire)

II.  Read a little about Medicaid and EISEP so you have an idea


Medicaid offers options both in terms of nursing homes as well as home care. It is not an easy decision. You will ultimately need assistance from a competent professional (who you will need to pay). In order to save you time and money (and the possibility of making a decision that is not 100% well thought out), please read a little.

Self Help Community Services is a great organization here in New York City. Early this year, they wrote out a 10 page summary on Medicaid Home Care Eligibility. I think this is the most user friendly thing out there. If anyone knows of anything else, please post your ideas below.  Click this link and open this PDF document

Step III below is ultimately the most important thing (which is to initiate Medicaid planning),  If you follow Steps 1 and 2 above, you will have a good overview to make the best decision


Expanded In-home Services for the Elderly (EISEP)

  • EISEP services include non-medical in-home services such as housekeeping, personal care, respite, case management, and related services (such as emergency response systems).
  • EISEP services support and supplement informal care provided by clients’ families.
  • Clients are required to share the cost of services, based on income. These costs are determined by a sliding scale and range from no-cost to full-cost

Who is eligible? EISEP assists older people (aged 60 and older) who need help with everyday activities to take care of themselves (such as dressing, bathing, personal care, shopping, and cooking), want to remain at home, and are not eligible for Medicaid. EISEP clients are required to cost share according to a sliding scale reflecting their income and the cost of the services they receive

How do I find EISEP services? EISEP case managers help older people and their families to decide what help is needed and to arrange for those services. Services may include non-medical in-home services, case management, non-institutional respite, ancillary services, and other community services. EISEP supports and supplements the care provided by families and friends.

For more information about the Expanded In-home Service for the Elderly Program (EISEP), contact your local office for the aging:  Lilliam Barrios-Paoli, Commissioner 2 Lafayette Street, 7th Floor New York, NY 10007-1392 Call 311, Outside of boroughs – (212) 639-9675

III.  Seek out a competent professional for Medicaid planning (do not be penny wise and pound foolish)

Medicaid planning.  My personal opinion is that you should not try and do this alone and that you need competent legal advice (you do not technically need an attorney to do this but given all the loopholes and caveats in the law as well as the huge savings involved (plus potential penalties if done improperly), I think it would be foolish not to).

Bottom line: In order to procure Medicaid services (which can save you tens of thousands) you need to do it right. Be prepared to spend some money.

I personally find that the service of Gary Elias from Lifestream Associates to be the best. He is an expert, he is no nonsense and will tell you in advance what the spectrum looks like before you spend any significant money. Click here for his website

There are other professionals out there as well. Ask around your community of friends or even the Alzheimer’s Association

We hope this was helpful. If you have any questions or if you know of a Manhattan, NYC senior that could benefit from our vast array of home care services, please call us at 212-614-8057 or email us at We are a full service licensed home care services agency (with the NYS Department of Health), we accept all long term care insurance as payment and have a full time staff of over 250 trained and certified home care personnel covering Manhattan.


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