Houses of Worship

Many seniors revert back to their religion of birth in later years. There is a huge sense of spiritual bliss in doing so. Even more so when this is coupled with activities of charity and community.  For those who did not grow up in a community of religion, we see many seniors starting faith based religious activities for the first time. Either way, it keeps the mind and spirit busy and so we see huge benefits at all levels.

The good news is that Manhattan, New York City is filled with faith based groups as well as houses of worship!

What religion to choose from?  What a personal question, right? The faith of choice is easy for some, not easy for those who are exploring new opportunities. The real question may not necessarily be what religion to choose, but what organization (or institution) to choose. Remember, for many, partaking in religion later in life is more about engaging the social and community based activities. If that is the case, people may be more open than you think

Homebound seniors: For those seniors who are homebound (or not very mobile), the house of worship needs to have some sort of community outreach committee that offers services that cater to seniors (in the Christian faith, this is often referred to as Eucharistic Ministry; other faiths called them senior outreach programs).  Bottom line: if you call a house of worship and ask them what programs (if any) they have for seniors, you will find out

Where do I start?  We are not huge fans of the Yellow Pages. However, when researching houses of worship in Manhattan, New York City, we found that it is easy to choose 2 items (i) Neighborhood and (ii) Category (ie – the specific religion of interest) and it will display the nearest most applicable ones.

Step 1. Go to the Yellow Pages search display for Houses of Worship in Manhattan

Step 2. Narrow by Neighborhood by clicking the arrow near the word “Neighborhood”

Step 3. Narrow by Religion of Interest (if applicable) by clicking the arrow near the word “Category”

Step 4.  From there, we recommend calling those you are interested in and asking them about (a) social activities for seniors (b) any meals programs for seniors (c) any social services (including community outreach for seniors) (d) any religious programs focused on seniors and (e) other activities that may be of interest for seniors


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