Cost Comparison: Nursing Homes vs Assisted Living vs Home Health Care in New York City

Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Home Health Care Costs 2010

No surprise, but nursing home and assisted living costs are on the rise. MetLife has produced and published its annual “2010 Market Survey of Long-Term Care Costs“. This is a great source to do a check of what is a good, reasonable, or high rate for care in your area (they have national and state-by-state analysis of the costs of nursing home, assisted living, and home health care, a break-down of costs by metropolitan areas within a state, and even an adult day care survey).

What are the costs of care in a nursing home versus assisted living versus home health care (certified aide or companion) in Manhattan, New York City?

Nursing Home – Daily Cost of Care
Daily Cost of Care Low High Average
Private Room $275 $529 $381
Semi-Private Room $250 $489 $361

Which translates to an average of:

  • $11,811 per month for a private room or $141,732 per year
  • $11,191 per month for a semi-private room or $134,292 per year

Please note: these figures are for New York City (which includes all 5 boroughs). Manhattan nursing homes are at least 15% higher

Assisted Living – Monthly Cost of Care in NYC
Monthly Cost of Care Low High Average
Assisted Living Facility $3,000 $8,205 $4,503

Which translates to an average of $54,036 a year.

Please note: these figures are for New York City (which includes all 5 boroughs). Manhattan nursing homes are at least 12% higher

Home Health Care – Hourly Cost of Care
Hourly Rate Low High Average
Home Health Aide $17 $31 $21

Which translates to an average of:

  • $1,363.5 per month for 5 hours/3 days per week, or $16,367.40 per year
  • $3,637 per month for 8 hours/5 days per week, or $43,646 per year
  • $15,276.25 per month for 24/7 care, or $183,314 per year (this is not a live-in home health aide but rather multiple shifts/ personnel per day; live in rates are usually half of the multiple shift rate)

The study has lots of other great information about costs of care.

Private room nursing home rates rose 4.6% to $229 per day or $83,585 per year, while assisted living rose 5.2% on average to $3,293 per month, or $39,516 per year. These increases come on top of increases from 2008 to 2009 when both nursing home and assisted living costs were up 3.3%.

Costs for home health aides and adult day services were unchanged in the past year. Home health aide costs remain at an average price of $21 per hour, while adult day services costs are still $67 per day.

The highest average daily rates for nursing homes continued to be in Alaska, where rates are now $687 for a private room and $610 for a semi-private room. Costs are lowest in Louisiana, outside the Baton Rouge and Shreveport Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), at an average of $138 per day for a private room.

For assisted living, the Washington, D.C., area had the highest average monthly base rate at $5,231, while Arkansas, outside of the Little Rock MSA, had the lowest average monthly rate of $2,073.

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